Oasis Ventures provides its clients the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios across national borders through Oasis Ventures' three divisions:

Fund of Funds

Oasis Ventures Limited Inc. was one of the first established Fund of Funds in the world, and it was the first strictly international Fund of Funds to participate in the U.S. private equity markets. Due to its success, Oasis Ventures Limited II Inc., a diversified private equity fund of funds focused in the leveraged buyout and merchant banking markets, was fully subscribed in 2002.

Private Equity

Oasis Ventures is one of the largest international privately held private equity portfolios in the Middle East with a focus on U.S. venture backed companies.

Direct Investment, Partnerships and Management & Consulting Services

Franchising, Licensing, and Joint Ventures are a means of providing both established and newly formed companies the opportunity to expand and develop through partnerships with Oasis Ventures where local sponsorship and expertise is required. Utilizing its experience and expertise from various markets around the world, Oasis Ventures provides management and consulting services to companies from start-up incubation through to exit strategies.


Our mission is to serve the diverse investment needs of companies, families, and individuals throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East through our proven track record, global presence, and local expertise.

We welcome you to take a moment to learn more about Oasis Ventures.